two young boys with dark hair, one wearing harness sitting in chair and holding colorful toy while the other boy with dark rimmed glasses has his arms around him and is resting his head on his face; text in center reads 'connecting families' with flower image above it, the 4 petals each have a different color; a mom and two young kids sitting on a gray couch with their hands in the air, the mom has brown hair and a light green shirt, the little girl has 2 light red pigtails with 3 hair ties on each and a light orange shirt and the young boy has light brown hair and a gray polo shirt with white stripes on it

Our Mission

Supporting Wisconsin families with children and youth with special health care needs by connecting families through a network of support parents (and groups) that represent the diversity of families and their unique needs (including culture, race, language, disability and many other factors).

Our Vision

All Wisconsin families of children and youth with special healthcare needs (CYSHCN) have a way to meaningfully connect to other families and feel safe, respected and supported.

Our Values

Connection, relationship, empathy, respect, communication, empowerment, community and diversity.